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“Kids get it”

I recommend to you the blog of Sister Michelle, an old friend and Lutheran deaconness in Minneapolis.  Sr. Michelle practices theology in the context of early childhood education.  Her most recent post is about enacting the theology of Lent, Transfiguration (Lutherans do the Transfiguration right before Lent, who knew?) and death with preschool aged children.

Sr. Michelle’s knowledge and practice of early childhood theology is second to none that I know.  And her thesis– that from infancy children are equipped to engage in Christian liturgy and praxis– is summed up well here:

Kids get it…that’s what I’ve learned this year.  When we take time to include them in our faith practices, they get it.  When we give them the tools to hear the Story and act it out, they get it.  There’s so much in liturgical worship that they can respond to and interact with.  They get it.

Preach it, Sister.


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