About the Hargraves

The Hargraves live at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, MA where James is working to complete a Master of Divinity.

One of the major Orthodox seminaries in the Western Hemisphere, Holy Cross prepares students to become future Orthodox clergy and lay leaders who demonstrate faith, sensitivity and compassion as they cultivate an attitude of offering a service of truth and love in the world.

The Hargraves served as long-term OCMC Missionaries with the Holy Archdiocese of Mwanza in Western Tanzania. Having discerned a need for James to receive solid theological education, they are now at seminary preparing to return overseas for a lifetime of ministry.

Please pray for the families, students and faculty of Holy Cross and Hellenic College, for James and Daphne in their studies, work, family life and spiritual formation. Pray that the Hargraves would be a resilient and faithful family, receiving the preparation they need to seek the will of God wherever they’re called.

James’ studies are funded in part by your generosity. You can give online by clicking “Support” on the Hargraves’ webpage. You can call OCMC toll-free at 1-(877) GO-FORTH or 1-(904) 829-5132, and press 4 to make a pledge. Or you can write a check to “Orthodox Christian Mission Center” with “M: Hargrave” in the memo line, and mail it to: OCMC, 220 Mason Manatee Way, St Augustine, FL 32086, USA.


3 responses to “About the Hargraves

  1. Joy

    Hi James!

    I would love to be subscribed to this blog. I have a blogspot which I created to help me connect to non-xanga blogs, but I can’t figure out how to subscribe here. Do I need a WordPress account, or can I get an email subscription or subscribe somehow through my blogspot?

    The internet confuses me to no end sometimes.

    Thanks, friend!

    ~ Joy

  2. Presvytera Elisabeth

    Mr. Hargrave,

    I wonder if I could trouble you for some assistance. I am a convert myself and my whole family was raised Protestant. My sister, who is searching deeply at this time, has joined the Peace Corps and has been posted to Mtwara region in Tanzania. She has been in a mostly-Islamic city for training and has been informed that the region she is heading to will be largely Christian. She is hoping to find an Orthodox community there and asked me if I knew if there were any Orthodox there. I have been doing some searching but most of the web pages are designed to let Americans know (generally) what’s going on in Tanzania, not to help them find a parish they can drop in to on Sunday. If you could assist me in finding the nearest parish, group that occasionally gets a priest to visit, or just person she could talk to, I would appreciate it tremendously.
    You can contact me at tealizzy@gmail.com. Thank you for your time.

    Presvytera Elisabeth

  3. Cal Oren

    Enjoyed your postings on Rod Dreher’s blog, particularly your encyclopedic presentation of the Orthodox history of missions. Pretty comprehensive and enlightening. Also, pretty much a stark contrast, sad to say, with the current state of most Orthodox parishes, in terms of their awareness of missions. But you are doing a lot to change that! I am on the Board of Friends of Indonesia, and actively raise support for Fr. Daniel Byantoro who is working in Indonesia. You may have met recently?

    Best, and hope you get to Baltimore eventually. We can certainly host you at Holy Cross in Linthicum.

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