Hargrave Update – Holy Cross 2014

September 12, 2014


Dear Friends,

Glory to Jesus Christ!

And greetings from the Hargrave family farm in Alachua County, Florida,
where all James’ siblings and their families have gathered together with
Mom and Dad and Grandma Hargrave. (Babu, Goko, and Great-Grandma to the
youngsters.) This is the first time that all five cousins of the new
generation have been at the farm. They range in age from four months to
two years, so you can imagine the fun.

We haven’t communicated in a long time, and would like to update you.

We last wrote in August 2013, as we prepared to leave Mwanza, Tanzania
to begin a season of life here in North America. For the past year we
have lived in Daphne’s hometown of Abbotsford, British Columbia as
members of Holy Nativity Orthodox Church in Langley, BC. Daphne is a
nurse with the local Fraser Health Authority while James is a full-time
caregiver for our son Peter Henry, about to turn one-and-a-half.

During this time in Canada we have been nurtered by a close and loving
extended family, by good friends, and by the Godly care of a very good
church community and priest. We are grateful indeed for your holy
prayers that have held us in this time of transition and settlement.

Our goal remains a return to active status as long-term missionaries
with the Orthodox Christian Mission Center. A major step in preparation
for this return is James’ theological study. For this reason, we are
preparing next week to make campus visits to two seminaries: Holy Cross
Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, MA and St Vladimir’s
Orthodox Theological Seminary in Crestwood, NY. On Saturday the 13th
we’ll travel to Boston for our visit to Holy Cross, and on Tuesday the
16th onwards to visit St Vladimir’s in New York.

If James is accepted to seminary then, God willing, we hope to spend one
more year in British Columbia and for James’ studies to begin in the
autumn of 2015. As his seminary studies conclude in 2018 or 2019, we
would begin active preparations for a return to the mission field- maybe
back in Mwanza, maybe somewhere else in the world. It remains our
sincere intent to spend our lives in service to Christ and his Church as
long-term OCMC Missionaries.

We ask for your prayers especially in these coming days. In addition to
spiritual formation and academic theological study, we must consider all
issues relevant to family life on campus, as well as Daphne’s
immigration. And then there’s the fact that we can’t afford seminary! If
it is God’s wish for James to attend seminary, then we pray that he will
enable us to manage the demands of tuition, housing, food, insurance,
and all other expenses of maintaining a household.

Thank you for your holy prayers. Thank you for continuing to walk with
us during this time away from the mission field. Thank you for your
friendship, your correspondance, and your love. Please stay in touch.

By your prayers in Christ,

James, Daphne and Peter Henry Hargrave


PS As we remain on a leave of absence as OCMC Missionaries, we continue
to ask for your prayers, your care, your love and your friendship. Some
of you have continued financial support, for which we are grateful.
These contributions are reserved by OCMC for our use when we return to
active status.

Until we return to the mission field, we invite you to redirect your
contributions to OCMC Missionary Meagan Engelbach serving in Kenya, to
OCMC Mission Specialists Fr David and Matushka Rozanne Rucker serving in
Guatemala, or to visit http://www.ocmc.org and give to any of the worthy
Missionaries, Mission Specialists, Teams, programs, or special projects.

Funds sent to OCMC designated in our name will continue to go into our
support account. This will be both helpful and encouraging when we start
active preparations for a return to the mission field. Thank you again.


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