Commissioning Service Sunday

27 September, 2012

Dear faithful friends,

Glory to God in all things,
In preparation for our life in Tanzania working as OCMC Missionaries James and I have gone through many experiences; the evaluation retreat, new candidate orientation , and pre-field training, as well as traversing thousands of miles to visit different parishes and meeting many lovely people. Now as we’re in our final weeks of preparation we have one last event, an event that I’ve been very much looking forward to. A commissioning service to missionary service, is a set of prayers commending the missionary to Christ the Lord and to His service.
My commissioning to long-term missionary service is this Sunday, September 30th 2012. The service will take place at my home parish Holy Nativity Orthodox Church, 4828 216A Street in Langley, BC. Father Michael Gillis will preside over the commissioning service immediately prior to Divine Liturgy, which begins at 10:00am (Matins start at 9:00am)
If you are able to attend please do, however we know that you can join us in your own parish by adding your prayers to ours. The presence of your prayers is felt strongly in our lives. Thank you. Thank you also for your example and faithful witness to the glory of God. We are sent by you and because of you.
By your prayers in Christ,
Daphne Hargrave

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