Vehicle while in North America

Dear friends,

Mungu yu nasi! God is with us!

Greetings from Bukoba, where I am spending this Christmas season together with fellow missionaries Maria Roeber, Felice Stewart and Michael Pagedas as well as their guests. It’s a packed house and we’re having a great time.

I am recovering well, by your prayers. Thank you for your prayers. If my recovery continues at its current pace, I should be healthy enough to visit North America February – April of 2012, as originally planned. I’m looking forward to seeing many of you.

And I have a request for you. I will be on the road quite a bit during my time in North America, and I will need reliable transportation.

If any of you know of options for a short-term lease, or other means of using a reliable vehicle in those months at a good price, please let me know. I will be traveling extensively and need something very dependable. I plan to arrive in North Central Florida (Gainesville area) at the beginning of February 2012, and to depart for Tanzania from North Central Florida at the end of April. I would need a vehicle for most of the intervening time.

Thank you again for your prayers. Because of them, I am sustained and uplifted by the presence of our God here with us.

See you soon! Stay in touch!

By your prayers in Christ,

James Hargrave


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