Update from the Outside World

12 December 2011

Dear friends,

Furaha na amani! Joy and peace!

After seven days in the hospital, I have been discharged. I am continuing to recuperate under the watchful care of fellow missionary Maria Roeber.

I’m only just beginning to sift through emails and facebook messages. The well wishes and prayers that have been coming my way are nothing short of overwhelming. Your prayers have been apparent to me all this week.

As you might imagine, I am very happy to be out of the hospital. I am happier still that the hospital was there when I needed it. As soon as I was admitted, I swiftly began receiving excellent care. My recovery has been much slower than I would have liked, but my path to recovery has been straightforward and uncomplicated. Each day is better than the last.

And today I breathe freely with nothing but my own lungs. I have seen the sky, listened to the birds, and watched the sun set on Kirumba Hill. What could be better?

I am grateful for your continued prayers as I work towards full recovery. Please remember the hundreds of sick and suffering still in Bugando Hospital- especially Judith with liver/ kidney failure and Felix with tetanus, who remained in the ICU as I left today. And stay in touch!

By your prayers in Christ,

James Hargrave



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3 responses to “Update from the Outside World

  1. Glad to hear that you are recovering. Would be interested in knowing who runs the hospital, which sounds m,arvellous.

    • It is a Roman Catholic teaching hospital, part of St Augustine University in Mwanza. The attending physician in charge of the ICU is a faculty member of the Cornell University Hospital in the United States, working for a joint program between Cornell and Bugando. He is a very good teacher- it was a pleasure watching him work with the nurses, residents and medical students as well as seeing his bedside manner with extremely sick patients.

  2. Thanks very much for that. I am not surprised!

    My experience has generally been that church-run hospitals are much better than either government hospitals or private for-profit ones. That has certainly been the case here in South Africa.

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