Advent 2010 Update

Dear friends,

Mungu yupo! God is with us!

And greetings from Mwanza, Tanzania, where we are in the midst of a blistering summer… it gets as hot as 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 C).  A welcome relief from the wintertime, which in July and August can plummet down to 65 (18 C).  The small rains are upon us, which means occasional downpours and strong wind that on occasion can feel almost chilly.  While I miss friends and family in North America, especially as we approach the celebration of Christ’s Nativity, I don’t envy the weather y’all are surviving right now.

It’s also mango season, and the markets are piled high with mangos of all colors, shapes and sizes.  At the office we make fresh mango juice every morning, and with apologies to my beloved Florida oranges, this stuff is the best.

One reason I’ve been slow to write since October is that so many things are ongoing– I don’t have “accomplishments” to report.  But of course this is to be expected, and in this multitasking culture it sometimes feels like everything is ongoing, and nothing is ever quite finished.  It just morphs into something new, and keeps moving right along.  All the good things that began in September or earlier… are continuing.  And it is very, very good to be here.

I pray that your Advent concludes well, and that the fast-approaching Christmas season will be a joy for all of you.

Your love, prayers, friendship, communication and continued financial participation are a great encouragement to me.  Thank you.

Mungu yupo! God is with us!

May Christ our God be continually born in our hearts,

James Hargrave


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