February 2010 Update

Dear friends,

Utukufu kwa Yesu Kristo! Glory to Jesus Christ!

And greetings from St. Augustine, FL. I am here at the Orthodox Christian Mission Center for the next several weeks until heading overseas.

God willing, I hope to arrive in Tanzania in time to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ in early April. The first two years of my work in Africa are close to fully pledged, and so these weeks are the final push to ensure enough financial support to carry me at least through the summer of 2012. I am also able to begin working on logistics– visa requirements, language school, etc.

And it’s wonderful to be here right at the Mission Center in the midst of things. While I do my own work I am also volunteering at the reception desk during an important time of transition. This month Margo Kelley begins her new assignment as Assistant Missionary Coordinator, taking over from Geoff Whiteman who is moving to Kentucky for further education. Geoff has taken very good care of me these past two years, and I will miss him. Margo, with her solid theological knowledge and lifetime of relationships with faithful Christians involved in missionary service across the world, is a worthy successor and I am grateful to be placed under her care.

In the next month I will get to see several OCMC Teams prepare for short-term trips across the globe, and I will get to support and serve my fellow missionaries and missionary candidates. I also get to sit in the same room as an icon and relic of St. Herman of Alaska, who stands at the building’s entrance to welcome all. Ss. Cyril and Methodius are on the wall behind me, and the daily reminder of these great missionaries’ presence and prayers is a great encouragement. Your prayers, friendship, and financial support are also of great encouragement.

Next month I hope to tell you more about Tanzania itself and what I hope to encounter there soon. In the meantime, I am in the final push to complete financial support for my first term of service– if you’ve been meaning to pledge but haven’t gotten around to it, now’s the time! You can make a pledge online at http://jhargrave.ocmc.org (click on “Support Missionary”), call 1-877-GO-FORTH (463-6784) to set up electronic fund transfer, or mail a check (put “M:Hargrave” in the memo line) to Orthodox Christian Mission Center, 220 Mason Manatee Way, St. Augustine, FL 32086.

It’s always a joy to hear from each of you. Thank you again, and be in touch!

By your prayers,

James Hargrave

PS  My monthly newsletters will, God willing, soon be sent to you through a googlegroups listserv rather than from my email address directly.  This will make me able to communicate more rapidly with each of you, and it will not affect the confidentiality of your contact information.  The googlegroups management team is currently reviewing my request to automatically invite each of you to this listserv.  In the meantime, you can join directly at http://groups.google.com/group/hargrave/ .  It is an “announcement only” listserv, which means that using it to subscribe to my newsletters will not put you at risk to receive spam and will not reveal your contact information to anyone.


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