In some ways, this month and next are a bit of a sabbatical.  Work is keeping me very busy, but it’s a summer job and will be over by mid-August.  And it’s the last chance I’ll have in the foreseeable future to be a teacher, up in a classroom helping people learn and discover stuff.  Teaching is just about my favorite thing to do in the world, so this one last fling is sheer delight.

When I’m not involved in lesson plans, teaching, recording assessments and keeping track of materials and traveling to teaching sites, I’m making phone calls and writing letters.  Keeping in touch with supporters and scheduling an itinerary for the late summer and fall (the calendar shall be posted here shortly).  These two lives, of reading teacher and missionary candidate, keep my days pleasantly full.

But– and here’s why I call this time a sabbatical– I’m also reading lots and lots and lots.  The two major projects right now are Moby-Dick (it’s a hilarious book!  really!) and Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels.  Discworld is a series of comic fantasy novels about the goings-on in a flat world that rides on the back of four elephants who stand astride a turtle, swimming through the cosmos.  Each novel is a parody or spoof on some aspect of world history, literature, or culture.

It’s a great joy, these days, to be able to get lost in a book and come out the other side feeling pleasantly satisfied.  I’m teaching reading, and I’m doing lots of reading.  What could be nicer?


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