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Do not insult God

I’m slowly making my way through St. John Chrysostom’s homilies on the Acts of the Apostles.

Most contemporary Scripture commentaries spend the bulk of their time sorting through what other scholars have said about a particular passage.  As one of the very earliest commentators, Chrysostom was spared such mucking about– few scholars had said anything about these passages before he did.  His commentaries are also transcripts of sermons.  While they do comment on Scripture, and in detail, their function is primarily exhortation rather than any scholarly exegesis.  “Here’s what Scripture says, and here’s what to do about it.”

This gives his sermons a really delightful warmth and directness.  Chrysostom is fun to read. Continue reading



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In some ways, this month and next are a bit of a sabbatical.  Work is keeping me very busy, but it’s a summer job and will be over by mid-August.  And it’s the last chance I’ll have in the foreseeable future to be a teacher, up in a classroom helping people learn and discover stuff.  Teaching is just about my favorite thing to do in the world, so this one last fling is sheer delight.

When I’m not involved in lesson plans, teaching, recording assessments and keeping track of materials and traveling to teaching sites, I’m making phone calls and writing letters.  Keeping in touch with supporters and scheduling an itinerary for the late summer and fall (the calendar shall be posted here shortly).  These two lives, of reading teacher and missionary candidate, keep my days pleasantly full. Continue reading

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It’s an awkward thing, as an American, to ask others for help.  One of our great cultural beliefs is that people should take care of themselves and not depend on anyone else.

This myth of self-reliance has done incredible good, but it’s still a myth.  We depend on one another, as we should, in countless ways.  Those who accomplish great things do so through their own drive and willpower, but also through immense blessings from others and most of all from God. Continue reading

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