Danny and the Dinosaur

This summer, I will be based in Fort Myers and spending a lot of time on the road teaching in a summer reading program.  It’s a job I had a few summers ago and will be an ideal way to prepare for full-time “deputation” in the fall.  (“deputation” = missionary lingo for hitting the road, visiting people and parishes and spreading the word)

So yesterday I left Gainesville and moved down to Fort Myers, where I’ll be through mid-August with family at a beautiful farm called ECHO.  The farewell-for-now to Gainesville went very well, and dinner at the midpoint in Tampa with a good friend was also lovely.

Now I’m immersed in childrens’ books.  From Where the Wild Things Are through Fellowship of the Ring, I’ll be teaching the whole gamut.  And that means I get to do one of the things I’ve always loved best– become absorbed in the life of characters, feel their sorrows and joys and imagine myself in their shoes.  It will be a delight helping kids and adults do the same thing.


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